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Clinical Trial Coding Service

Producing accurate clinical code data sets for clinical trial protocols and other patient record analytics is becoming increasingly challenging.

Many organisations need to prepare comprehensive sets of clinical codes in preparation for Phase 3 or 4 trials, commissioning, application production or health performance analysis. Whatever your needs Medical Intelligency can ensure you have the most comprehensive data sets that cover all the major coding terminologies.


Medbase EHR

The first in a new generation of problem oriented medical record systems. Improves quality of information for clinicians, ease of use for coding and a comprehensive health audit trail for every patient.


Thesaurus of Medical Terms

The Thesaurus of Medical Terms from Medical Intelligency corrects existing clinical coding hierarchies and enables complete data interoperability between different clinical terminologies. Explore the applications for the Thesaurus of Medical Terms... more or read our error analysis of current clinical coding systems.


World Standard Drug Database app (WSDD)

Developed by SafeScript Ltd and used in multiple systems for the past 20 years WSDD uniquely links coded drug data with our knowledge base enabling applications to deliver greater safety to patients. This version of the WSDD is designed for the US market. For details of availability in other territories plase contact us.

WSDD resolves drug interactions, side effects, contraindications and much more. here (old version).


Advanced Patient Data Programme (APDP)

The Advanced Patient Data Programme is deigned to help care commisioners, payers, trusts and health providers (such as social care and mental health) get the maximum benefit from their IT infrastructure by

  • Quality audit of patient data in healthcare environments - health status of clinical data
  • Upgrading clinical coding to optimal levels - using Thesaurus of Medical Terms
  • Implementing Medbase interface - improved user interface and problem oriented data model
  • Implementing data interoperability between sites
  • Record follows patient - key patient data accessibility to para medics, secondary care, pharmacy etc.
  • Real World Evidence - In depth analysis of patient data and comparison to large data sets e.g. optimal prescribing
  • Implementation of Patient Apps - from personal health records, treatment and medicine information, electronic prescribing and In Case of Emergency capability (ICE)