Compatibility With All Medical Coding Systems

All currently used Medical Coding Systems are linked. We also provide robust and comprehensive mapping tools for conversion of one data type to another.

Hierarchical Clustering Of Codes

Rather than just indicative linkage, we provide full hierarchical clustering of codes so that match of any used codes can be achieved, and it does not matter whether symptom, sign, disease or diagnostic codes are used in the patients clinical record by the prescriber/user.

We source our skeleton files primarily from the NHS Read Codes/SnomedCT, dm+d, and CMP for the UK; from Multum and the FDA in the USA; and from the IPU in the Republic of Ireland. These are then incorporated into our thesaurus of terms, and on import, the new data is compared with existing data to identify changes, anomalies, etc.

Interactive Linkages

Coded interactive linkages are made based on drug manufacturer data held in the product Data Sheets (Summaries of Product Characteristics - SPCs), and also from other authoritative sources.

We provide ingredient-based drug-drug interactions, based on the data held in SPCs.