Why Choose Us

World Standard Drug Database

Our drug databases provide the interactive functionality the NHS in the UK currently needs for use within clinical systems, and we believe can also provide many aspects which will be useful for future applications, particularly surrounding the issues of efficient electronic data sharing and transfer between systems.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Coding

The interactive aspects of our databases depend on getting software matches between coded data about a patient held in an electronic patient record, and the data about a chosen drug product - all of which is linked to the commonly used Medical Coding Systems (in the UK this is, of course, currently Read and ICD, but as many know, this is moving towards SnomedCT).

Hopefully, therefore, we can provide the relevant linkages for all systems which use Medical and Pharmaceutical Coding.

Interactive & Customised Databases

Our approach to all our databases is consistent, and the structure of the UK data is reflected in our USA and Republic of Ireland data sets, to enable easy use of the data in these countries. Indeed we can provide similar structures for any chosen country, assuming we can identify a suitable source of product data for that country, so transposition from one country to another is straightforward. Databases specifically designed for South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Spain and Belgium are currently under development.

Our databases are suitable for, and indeed are designed for, insertion into all clinical systems, whether GP, Hospital, Pharmacy or others, and over the years we have included many aspects which are useful for the different requirements of these different systems.